R + N | Vineland Estates Winery Late Summer Wedding

It’s late Summer in the heart of Niagara and it’s time for a wedding. The fruits of an entire season’s labour are at their peak. Every flower in full bloom. Every facet of the natural world around us showing off. Everything is in its right place.

Enjoy a lovely afternoon with a couple who is feeling more in love than ever. From their first look in an orchard, through portraits in the forest, a ceremony in the historic Carriage House, and some time with a classic Rolls Royce car (owned and lovingly maintained by the bride’s father) around the property at Vineland Estates Winery. The romance never stops.

Vineland Estates Winery is the perfect venue if you are planning on a smaller wedding day and want to celebrate somewhere a little bit quieter. The sunsets here never disappoint–especially when it peeks through the long swaying branches of the old Willow Tree. And be sure to set aside some time enjoy an evening stroll around the property to the sound of crickets all cheering for you.

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Get in touch with me or read more about wedding coverage here.

Get in touch with me or read more about wedding coverage here.