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Earth & Sea and Two Best Friends | Maternity Boudoir

In a place where forest meets the sea, two best friends, both glowing with anticipation, celebrate their parallel journey into motherhood. To honor this special time, we teamed up for a beautiful fine art maternity boudoir photography session. When mother nature gives you a hug like this, you know you’re doing right by her. As ... Read more
Niagara maternity photography Spring Afterglow Images

S | Spring Maternity Session in Niagara

In the soft blush of dawn's embrace, she found herself wrapped in the anticipation of motherhood. The garden, in the first bloom of spring, danced with the rhythm of a thousand butterflies, each flutter an echo of every hopeful thought. As the rest of the world awakened to the magic of a new season, she too found herself awakening to the miracle growing within—a trove of endless possibilities.
film photography pregnant maternity session afterglow images niagara

C | Spring Maternity Session in the Blossoms

For every sweet blossom I discover, I draw in my breath just a little deeper so that you, too, may know my happiness. A stunning outdoor Maternity session captured by Niagara's Afterglow Images.
stunning outdoor materntiy blue dress pine trees snow niagara afterglow

A | Outdoor Winter Maternity Session in Niagara

She floats along the ground and dances between the trees. Just like a snowflake twirls, loops, and spins its way to earth, so must our own journey into motherhood be a slow and drifting experience. There is so much that is new and so much that is only temporary. And only one opportunity to enjoy ... Read more
foggy autumn day maternity lace sexy boudoir

J | Black Lace & Autumn Fog – Niagara Maternity

A sexy outdoor maternity session in Niagara during the late foggy autumn season. She is wrapped in black lace. Photography by Niagara's Afterglow.
niagara maternity boudoir photography

M | Sensual Outdoor Maternity Boudoir in Niagara

In this styled boudoir maternity session, the surreal feeling of pregnancy is made visual with the placement of a bed in a small creek running through a forest. Captured on a mix of film and digital.
maternity photography on film niagara

A | Rustic Outdoor Maternity Photography

A slow-motion walk through nature encourages reflective thought for this mother-to-be as we quietly celebrate her newfound motherhood.
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The Sensuality of Spring – Niagara Maternity Boudoir

A stunning outdoor maternity boudoir session captured on film and digital is a celebration of the unique beauty possessed by this expectant mother.
the beautiful shape of a pregnant woman niagara photographer

S | Niagara Maternity Photography in the Blossoms

This is the last time that you will speak to me with only your heart
red maternity dress curve shape natural light niagara photographer

M | Winter Maternity Session in Niagara

Against the stark tapestry of a cold winter, stands a primrose vision of one of life's most meaningful promises. Afterglow's full pregnancy beauty experience offers the means to showcase your changes: from the thick flowing hair and glowing complexion to the sensuous new curves. Outdoor winter maternity session in Niagara.
Niagara maternity photography beach shoot

V | Fine Art Maternity Beach Shoot

Between the ocean and the sky, she carries her whole world. Fine art maternity session photographed on a beach in Niagara. The sun sets on one of life's chapters as we celebrate the dawn of the next.
Fine art outdoor maternity photos in Niagara

Hamilton and Niagara Maternity Photography

A fashion-inspired outdoor maternity session. Gorgeous hunter green maternity gown was the perfect match for the natural scenery and evening light to show off the beautiful curves of a new mother-to-be.
niagara maternity photographer sky sunset

J | Be Free – Outdoor Maternity Boudoir Session

Stunning outdoor maternity boudoir session in a forest in Niagara. Captured on film.