J | The Call of the Void

l’appel du vide.
The call of the void.

We often hear that sweet little voice that tells us to take one more step. To ignore the coldness at our feet. To just allow ourselves to return to the chaos. The earth is always trying to take us back. But there is beauty in the struggle against disorder.

This fine art portrait session, captured on a mix of film and digital, visualizes that most tantalizing voice. Imagine this session as a high school senior session or a graduation portrait session. You are stepping into the unknown. You do it willingly and almost without thinking. This moment of transition stands between the naivety of youth and the cynicism of adulthood–like the solid and familiar rocky shore holding back wave after wave until finally relenting and becoming one with the void.

Capture this moment now and never lose sight of who you really are. Get in touch to book your senior or graduation portrait session. Let’s make something beautiful.

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