O + D | Maple Meadows Farm Wedding

What a day! Where do I begin?

This wedding day at Maple Meadows Farm began as one of those lazy and hazy summer days. The air was thick with with heat, but you could still feel a hint of the lake breeze fighting its way through. It didn’t keep anyone from enjoying all that summer has to offer. The sweet scent of field grass, leaves rustling in a slow breeze, and the occasional shout of delight from a distant horse reminded all in attendance that this is a bucolic as it gets in Niagara. As guests and family arrived, everyone was greeted like old friends returning to the homestead.

In keeping with all the natural beauty on offer this day, the bride had an eye for sustainability and conservation. Each cup was labelled with a guest’s name so that they could keep their cups for the entire wedding and beyond. The cups themselves were made from copper (one of the most re-usable metals). All the materials used in decor were sustainable (linens or cottons). The flowers were grown on-site in the open air and so didn’t need to be transported. And no air-conditioning was required on the property. The naturally flows throughout all the areas the guests revel.

Like approximately half of all brides and grooms, this couple opted to do a first look. A first look is a good option for those who like to see each other for the first time in a semi-private location (instead of in front of all the guests at the ceremony). During a first look, the couple can take their time, whisper to each other, and really enjoy the moment and what it represents. For many couples, the first look may be one of the few opportunities to have a private conversation and really savour all the reasons for getting married in the first place. It’s also a great way to get a few extra portraits done before all the excitement of the day picks up.

The ceremony took place out in the meadow under two large old-growth trees. It really feels like you’re stepping back in time when out there. No city buildings, no noise from cars, no well-wishing passers-by. It’s just you, your guests, and the sounds of nature. The extra space makes for a long walk in and out of the ceremony, but this just gives you more opportunity to smile at each and every guest as you make your way. And even in the heart of Summer, the large trees provide just enough shade for you.

After the ceremony, the guests were treated to special cocktails from Stocious while we photographed all the family, the wedding party, and some more with just the bride and groom. There are so many areas to explore around the property and because it’s so big, it’s easy to find quiet hidden spots if that’s what you seek. Whether you want to sit under the flowers and hang out with the bees, or run off to the lake for some epic beach photos in your classic car, there is no limit to the variety available at Maple Meadows. The barn reception eventually slipped into a backyard party. Gathered around the fire pits, or lawn games, family and friends shared stories and caught up on each others’ lives. Just as the sun set, the bride’s cheerleader group hoisted her and her groom up for a bird’s eye view of the party. And even without the lift up, I’m sure these two felt like they were on top of the world for the day.

Yes, this is a long post. But if you are considering Maple Meadows Farm for your wedding venue, this gallery will show you everything that makes this place so special. The bottom line is that there is so much to explore on the property that you really have everything in one place! Enjoy the view.

Maple Meadows Farm

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