I will give you my all

I will give you
my all

On your wedding day, I will be the friend that revels in your afterglow — not just a camera operator.  I find moments that you might not get to see with your own eyes. You are trusting me to still bring tears to your eyes years later, when you look back at your photos with your children and grandchildren.

I shoot and edit every wedding myself because your story is not like the rest. Just as the weather and the light and the people are not the same on each wedding day, no two weddings are processed the same. You are not a trend. Your love is timeless.

3000 includes everything you need


I will always personally cover your wedding.

Engagement Session

A full session or substitute for extra coverage.

Full wedding day coverage

Usually this is about 10 hours.

Unlimited photos

Whatever it takes to tell your story.

All photos hand-edited

Ready to print.

Maximum resolution

Highest resolution available. Currently 50MP.

Secure online gallery

Hosted on private dedicated server.

Backed up in triplicate

I will never lose your photos. Ever.

On a budget?

I understand.

Get in touch and tell me more. I’m confident we can work something out.

More Weddings

To get an idea for what a full wedding day looks like, I have included a random selection below. Click on a thumbnail to view a full day’s worth of highlights.