The Old Motels in Niagara Falls

It’s easy to forget the history in the city of Niagara Falls, Canada. Before all the big hotels moved in, the town was peppered with beautiful little gems like this family-owned motel. They’re simple and relatively no frills, but they have all the classic charm of what once made up Niagara Falls. Living in this town, I see a lot of demolitions of beautiful old buildings. Fortunately, some owners have purchased and restored many of these old motels. This is one recently restored that struck me with the linear symmetry of its arrangement. It’s one of the few spots in town that doesn’t have a 600 room hotel tower looming in the background. With nothing else in the frame to remind you that it’s 2019, you can easily imagine the charm of 1959. I hope to share more of my town pride as I find more of these little hideaways. These are also great spots for anyone looking to do a more stylized boudoir or couples boudoir session.    

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The importance of doing nothing

In our modern world, we are all tempted to work as hard as possible all the time. The goal is to always finish just one more thing, read just one more article, or comment on just one more Facebook status. We are all prone to becoming victims of information overload as we try to absorb everything we can and keep up with everyone we know. But it’s just not possible. There is nothing we love more than a trip to the cottage. It’s quiet. It’s beautiful. It brings us closer to nature. It keeps us inspired. We tend to place a high value on hard work (read: being busy). In contrast, we place very little value on quiet time for reflection. Sit there. Don’t read. Don’t talk. Sitting on the dock at the edge of the lake, is where I find it easiest and most natural to do nothing–just sit and listen. I listen to the wind in the trees, the water lapping on shore, birds singing, dragonflies buzzing around the dock. I watch clouds float past slowly changing shape. I am mesmerized by the pattern of waves on the surface of the water occasionally broken by a passing boat. If I’m lucky, I’ll see a loon hunting minnows. These periods of doing nothing may be the best thing we can do to encourage creativity and imaginative thought. For example, try to think of the last time you had a great idea. It was probably while you were relaxed and doing (next to) nothing. For most of us, this happens in the shower. Why the cottage? At home, I’m surrounded by reminders of all the things I’m not getting done. At the cottage, there are no reminders. This is why, at the peak of wedding season, I’m usually off to

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