How do you say “I Love You”?

All wedding packages include an engagement session.
Use this opportunity to get creative and have fun while celebrating your unique way of saying “I love you”.

Why do an engagement session?

Build Rapport

For many of my clients, the engagement session is the first time we’ll actually meet in person. Set aside a couple hours and we’ll take a walk and explore somewhere new and exciting or visit an old haunt that holds a special place in your hearts. You can share your story with me in words while I work to transform those words into images or we can simply sit quietly and enjoy the sounds that nature has to offer. This will also give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with my approach and the kinds of things “couples are supposed to do for photos”. At first, it can feel a little weird to interact with someone who’s hiding behind a camera. But eventually, the camera itself disappears and you end up focusing on only each other. By the end of the session, my goal is to be one of your friends–a friend who just happens to be carrying a camera.

Location Location Location

It’s up to you! Think about the kinds of things that define your relationship. Do you have a favourite ice cream shop? Do you like to go for hikes? Was your proposal somewhere you could visit again? How do you decide where to shoot your engagement session?

Choose somewhere that means something to you. Angela and I love to travel. Before we had kids, we made an annual visit to somewhere new–and usually tropical. When I proposed, we were exploring a hidden beach and looking for seashells. I managed to surprise her (which isn’t easy) with a ring I had concealed through several checkpoints over the span of days. She said yes and then, with the relief that comes after such a life-changing moment, that evening I slipped into three days of semi-conscious tropic flu fog. As I write this, I am looking at a large print on our wall from the moments after she said yes. This is a photo I will treasure forever.

Maybe, like us, you met at university. Or perhaps your first date was at Starbucks. Think of what means the most to you. Even if you don’t have an exactly location, think about the way you pass the time together. Are you city folk? Edgy and urban? Do you visit the cottage? Or just like to lay in the grass and watch the clouds? Anything goes.

Practice Makes Perfect

I fully recognize that not everyone has tonnes of experience in front of a camera. In reality, most of my clients have never been involved in a professional photoshoot or even been tempted to post selfies on Instagram. If you feel a little shy or unsure of yourself, it’s okay. I will create a space where you feel comfortable enough to be who you really are.

After your engagement session, you will walk away with some new skills: perhaps a better posture, perfect shoulder definition, or maybe a new trick to getting that little twinkle in your eyes! But even if you never thought taking photos would really be your cup of tea, you will walk away with a bit more confidence in your upcoming wedding day photos

You Need Photos

You want them because you don’t have them. You will want to preserve this incredible period of your life. In five or ten years you might be a different person. These photos will serve as a reminder of who you are/were and what your relationship looked like at the beginning. Nobody ever regrets it.

In a more practical sense, you need photos for things like save-the-dates, invitations, or reception table decor at your wedding. Or maybe you want some meaningful photos to put on your desk at work. Another option is to create an album from your images to share at home or at your wedding reception. I print and bind all albums myself using the world’s best fine art papers.  

You will also receive all your images in full resolution ready to use anywhere on the internet. Share with family on Facebook or Instagram and share your excitement with the world.

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~ Savour every moment ~