M | Winter Maternity Session in Niagara

The middle of winter is a cold place to be. A lifeless and unforgiving season rarely considered for celebrating outdoors. But against this stark tapestry stands a primrose vision of one of life’s most meaningful promises.

As a maternity photographer in Niagara, I find no shortage of beautiful locations that are perfect for any style of maternity and for any season. Maternity photography is a special art form–it intentionally displays the subject as if she were a living sculpture.

For many mothers-to-be, these precious 40 weeks rapidly melt away. But the best things in life often become memories before we’ve had our fill. Only women have the privilege of directly experiencing the feeling of growing and sustaining a new life, and despite the numerous discussions on the topic, is incomprehensible to anyone who has not been through it themselves: The instant that you hear the news, your life immediately fills with anticipation, your view of the world changes. A mother’s lifetime of caring and love begins before her child is even brought into this world.

Afterglow’s full pregnancy beauty experience offers the means to showcase your changes: from the thick flowing hair and glowing complexion to the sensuous new curves. As an added benefit, it seems as though every mother’s arm is exactly the right length to hold on to her little cocoon snuggled up within. This exhilarating period in life is all to brief–a maternity session preserves all the little reminders of how you felt (and looked) during one of your most exciting transitions. Look back at your photos and feel it all again.

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