Ball’s Falls Weddings | A Photographer’s Perspective

April 8, 2019

There isn’t a photographer alive who would have trouble finding a great spot for photos at this venue. Ball’s Falls, part of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, provides one of the most diverse and flexible locations in terms of style, lighting, and privacy. Any photographer would be delighted to cover a wedding here—myself included. When planning your wedding, there are so many outdoor ceremony locations available. Below I highlight three of the most popular on-site ceremony locations and review what I think are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of Ball’s Falls as a wedding venue. If you have already booked your wedding here or would just like to chat more about your options, get in touch with me.




Tonnes of locations
Super flexible for weddings of any style
Large property
You are unlikely to cross paths with another wedding
Barn is huge and can accommodate small or very large weddings
Free parking


Little in the way of rainy day locations
It is an outdoor location so wear bugspray (and be prepared to take them out of your wine glasses)
Big barn not available in winter
Bathrooms are a short walk (in the dark) away


First is the little white wedding chapel which is perfect for smaller ceremonies—it’s capacity is in the range of about 50 with standing room only. If you have a large wedding party, they will be stuffed in very tight Be aware that the chapel is not air conditioned and so gets very hot in the summer. All the walls inside are white which makes natural light photography a breeze. I never need to use flash to light up the ceremony which is great because flash can be very distracting for your guests. On the way out of the chapel, pull the rope and ring the bell!



Your second option is the forest location. This is on a grassy area at the edge of the forest not far from the “Big Barn”. Time it right, and the sun will peek through the leaves behind you as your say your vows. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this is your location. In terms of photography, this is in an ideal spot for light. Nestled in the trees, and situated at the proper angle, you and your wedding party will look great in photographs. Sure, some your guests may have to squint a little, but it will be worth it–and you can always hand out parasols to those who need some personal shade.



The third primary option for ceremony locations is the big barn itself. The barn is typically used for receptions, but you can also re-arrange for the ceremony too. This is an excellent backup plan in case of rain. If you don’t have a lot of guests and don’t need a lot of room to setup for the reception, there is plenty of space in the big barn to host the ceremony with the reception tables and chairs pushed to one end of the barn. If it is raining outside, there will be heavy cloud cover. There aren’t many windows in this barn, so it can be a little bit dark. It will take a few minutes to set up some lights for illuminating the space. Make sure you allow for some time in your schedule for this additional setup. However, the warm natural woods make this large space feel cozy if a little challenging to light. But totally worth it. Below are some photos of a ceremony that took place inside the big barn.


One of the best reasons to book Ball’s Falls for your wedding is that you can personalize the venue in any way you like. We’ve seen classic weddings, rustic weddings, vintage barn weddings, and even a rock’n’roll style wedding. The Ball’s Falls and the “big barn” lend themselves to anything you can think of—rustic to traditional.


If you have a large wedding party, the grounds surrounding the barn make it easy to fit and coordinate wedding parties of any size!


The reason Ball’s Falls books up so fast is that there is room for only one or two weddings in a day. And only one wedding reception per day in the Big Barn. At some venues, there are some many weddings occurring simultaneously that it can be difficult for your guests to find your wedding. Plus, you might get some wedding crashers at your own! At Ball’s Falls, the only wedding crasher you might get is a racoon. This also makes it easy to find a private spot for some photos–without having to schedule a time at a given venue feature. This kind of flexibility is always welcome and helps your day unfold more organically. I’m happy to help with scheduling to take advantage of the best available light on your specific date (send me an email to get started).


So many great photo locations on site that are all part of your venue….the church, field, forest, hills, old buildings, river, waterfalls…all within walking distance of the barn. Plus, the parking is free for everyone. This gives you nearly infinite options for photo locations but also affords you some privacy during your portrait time. Walking just five minutes away will add enough distance between you and any well-wishing gawkers. Your guests could also take a quiet walk in the evening to get away from the loudness of the reception party. Whether its along the river, into the herb garden, or just to the back of their car (in a dimly lit parking lot), it’s all on site. You can invite your guests to play some lawn games while you sneak away for some photos.



One potentially major catch:

You will need to bring in everything you need for your wedding. Ball’s Falls does not provide tables, chairs, etc. But assuming you’ve hired the right décor team, you will not even notice.

Bathrooms are also located at the opposite end of the parking lot away from the barn. The walk is about 90 seconds, so if it’s raining, you will want to make sure you have umbrellas handy for your guests.

You will need to clean up after yourself at the end of what will have been one of the longest days. Be sure you have some friends/family willing to stick around after the party is over to help with the clean up effort. You really do need to take everything with you or you may be charged an additional fee.

Otherwise, let yourself and your guests dance and party with you into the night. On a hot summer night, enjoy a walk under the stars and listen to the distant din of all your friends and family celebrating one of the biggest moments in your life. I can’t wait to spend another amazing day at Ball’s Falls!