Hot Mom | Niagara Boudoir

All too often, we compare ourselves to our previous selves. This is especially the case the parents, young and old. After having kids, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by negative ideas that you will never look the same again. And these thoughts can make it difficult to feel good about yourself. We often obsess over what we looked like before and then tell ourselves that it’s now too late to do a boudoir shoot.

None of that is true, but everyone shares the same experience.

It is important to feel good about yourself no matter what stage of life you are in. No, you shouldn’t forget who you were, but you should also be open to celebrating just how amazing you are right now.

If you have had kids, you are already a hero. You body has done incredible things and deserves to be celebrated. Regardless of what you used to look like, right now, you are beautiful. A boudoir session will help you find joy in who you are and help you view yourself in a whole new light: in a way that truly reflects your best qualities!

Most clients do not want to share their images publicly, but I am happy to be able to share just a peek from this incredible boudoir session captured on a mix of film and digital. She is a mother of two but she could still break some hearts!

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