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S | Cottage Core Boudoir Session in Niagara

Gently, the first summer breeze squeaks a window open and swirls through the rooms of the cottage for the first time in months. Finally, a reason to cast off the shackles of winter and embrace the warm air of the best season of the year. She explores every room, like a mind filled with equal ... Read more
stunning outdoor materntiy blue dress pine trees snow niagara afterglow

A | Outdoor Winter Maternity Session in Niagara

She floats along the ground and dances between the trees. Just like a snowflake twirls, loops, and spins its way to earth, so must our own journey into motherhood be a slow and drifting experience. There is so much that is new and so much that is only temporary. And only one opportunity to enjoy ... Read more
beautiful mom boudoir lingerie motorcycle photography niagara

Pin-up Style Boudoir Session with Motorcycle

Whether you’re riding your motorcycle through some winding road in Niagara or modelling beside it, embrace those sweet curves! Not only did she embrace those curves, but she ruled the session with her charm and timeless beauty. This is the right way to do a pin-up style boudoir session. Own it. Sometimes the best outfit ... Read more
sensual boudoir bride outdoor niagara soft film afterglow

M | Outdoor Bridal Boudoir

Her soft gentle curves and quiet demeanor can tame even the wildest of places and the hardest of hearts. A bridal boudoir session is a rewarding way to build the anticipation of a wedding day. The session can help get used to posing in front of the camera. The session can be an exciting gift ... Read more
black white film boudoir photographer niagara mom curvy beautiful Copy

Hot Mom | Niagara Boudoir

Just a peek at this mother of two's boudoir session captured on a mix of digital and film.
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Cute Morning Boudoir Session | Niagara

Believe it not, sometimes mornings are the best time for a boudoir session. Start the day off with a little pampering and then maybe put on a sweater and shuffle around with a hot coffee. Nothing to worry about except finishing your coffee before it gets cold. Then maybe go back to bed.
foggy autumn day maternity lace sexy boudoir

J | Black Lace & Autumn Fog – Niagara Maternity

A sexy outdoor maternity session in Niagara during the late foggy autumn season. She is wrapped in black lace. Photography by Niagara's Afterglow.
outdoor boudoir lingerie photographer niagara forest

Jiordana | Outdoor Fall Boudoir Session in Niagara

Stunning outdoor boudoir session shot in a forest during the peak of Fall with Jiordana from Mind-Full Wellness. An outdoor boudoir session can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences to celebrate a personal milestone or to just feel good about yourself. Read Jiordana's words about her own experience with her boudoir session.
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A | Boudoir at the Train Station Niagara

Sweetest love, I do not goFor weariness of thee,Nor in hope the world can showA fitter love for me. Boudoir is not restricted to indoor locations. Sometimes, shooting a boudoir session outdoors can be even more rewarding. Not least because the locations can be absolutely stunning. I know many locations throughout the Niagara region that ... Read more
niagara maternity boudoir photography

M | Sensual Outdoor Maternity Boudoir in Niagara

In this styled boudoir maternity session, the surreal feeling of pregnancy is made visual with the placement of a bed in a small creek running through a forest. Captured on a mix of film and digital.
niagara boudoir photographer outdoor body positive

I | Soft and Wild – Outdoor Boudoir

Feel a little wild. But keep your softness It is only through that contrast That we can truly radiate from within
dreamy maternity photos niagara photographer lingerie pregnant boudoir

The Sensuality of Spring – Niagara Maternity Boudoir

A stunning outdoor maternity boudoir session captured on film and digital is a celebration of the unique beauty possessed by this expectant mother.