V | Fine Art Maternity Beach Shoot

Between the ocean and the sky, she carries her whole world


This session was an experience. Surrounded by nothing but the soft white noise of the tiniest waves rolling into the sand and the occasional seagull, she watches the sun slowly dip past the horizon.

As if to say goodbye to her previous self.

She celebrates the start of a new life.


A maternity session is a celebration. A celebration of the joy and excitement of your baby-to-be. It preserves that joy in still frames. But the session is more than that. It is a reflection of you as a person. Any photoshoot is a great excuse to buy an amazing outfit or visit a beautiful location. But it should still capture your personality and showcase your femininity. Show your love for each and every one of your children but also show just how beautiful a mother your are (going to be).

Maternity sessions are available year round throughout Niagara and Hamilton. Travel is possible.

This session was featured and published in Creator’s Magazine.