J | Be Free – Outdoor Maternity Boudoir Session

Be free.
With nothing between her and the wilderness,
she is reminded that she is truly alive.
That she is here because she is loved.

Wrapped only in sunlight and a gentle breeze, all that is revealed is her inherent natural beauty.

A maternity boudoir session is not only about looking good and celebrating all those new curves–it’s a safe space where you can embrace yourself honestly. And the best way to connect with who you are is to push away the things we all hide behind.

Sessions are about feeling great and finding what makes you feel beautiful, but it can also be a deeply personal experience where we can explore what it means to be you. You might even discover something new about yourself.

Get in touch with me to learn more about what’s involved with a maternity boudoir session. Available in Niagara, Hamilton, and across Ontario.

This session was captured on a mix of digital and film.