M | Sensual Outdoor Maternity Boudoir in Niagara

There is something inherently beautiful about the soft gentle curves of an expectant mother presented against the natural beauty of the outdoors. Maternity photography outdoors is

Pregnancy can be a surreal experience. Everything changes; everything feels new. It can feel overwhelming at times. But there is a new life growing inside, and all the flutters of excitement and uncertainty eventually give way to the fluttery feeling of an unborn child’s kicks and squirms which serve as a reminder of just how precious this brief period is. For only a few months does this relationship between mother and child last. There is no other experience like it. At the same time, pregnancy is one of the most emotionally draining but beautiful periods of a woman’s life. All the new curves and softness are at once unnerving and uniquely sensual.

In this maternity session, the surreal feeling of pregnancy is made visual with the placement of a bed in a small creek running through a forest. This styled boudoir maternity session was captured on a mix of digital and film to preserve the once in a lifetime opportunity. If you are interested in a maternity session with a more advanced set design like this one, please get in touch with me to start the process. I would love to hear about what inspires you and what makes your journey through pregnancy special to you.

Photography and Styling: Afterglow Images
Hair and Makeup:  South Coast Beauty Co
Florals:  Feeder Flower Farm
Lingerie: Ohhh LuLu