She is the World | Niagara Kids Photographer

The current Covid Pandemic is just one manifestation of the perilous nature of life on this planet.

We bear children in our own likeness as if to proclaim that we are somehow deserving of special preservation. And so, we go to almost absurd lengths to protect them from all the dangers that we ourselves worked to create. We want to protect them but we saddle them with our own problems and fragility. We have bequeathed onto them a monster of a world. And to expect them to thrive is, in many ways, asking the world.

It requires that they give up something of themselves and relinquish the innocence we so value.

We romanticize youthfulness for its unscathed beauty, curiosity, and amazement at things in which we can no longer find joy. Our children are our portal to a time we can never experience again. We can never go back and forget the things that caused our own innocence to fade. In this way we both love and envy our children. We see both the past and the future in their eyes.

With any luck, they will transcend all of our poor decisions and conquer the challenging circumstances into which they were born.

A kids portrait session with Afterglow is about uncovering the purest form of their personality. Who they really are — before the weight of the world reshapes them. In twenty years, when your children look back at their own photos, they will be reminded of a constant thread that ties their childhood into their adult lives.

This session was featured in Elegant Kids Magazine.