C + E | Fall Engagement Session in Niagara

On a crisp Fall afternoon, hand in hand, this couple takes in the last lingering hues of the evening. The air was still filled with the scent of a gentle autumn rain. Under the watchful eye of their puppy, their engagement session unfolded; filled with stolen glances and unexpected moments.

Get in touch with me to discuss options for your couple‚Äôs session or to learn more about how an engagement session can be a great way to “practice” for your wedding photos! There are countless beautiful locations throughout the Niagara Region.

Beyond the beautiful photographs, an engagement session provides an opportunity to connect with each other (and with me) in a low-stress environment before the wedding day. Here you can try out your ideas, do something fun, or go on a date with each other, along with your third wheel photographer! Additionally, engagement sessions can ease any camera shyness. Ultimately, engagement sessions become another small chapter in the in your love story, a visual anticipation of the journey you are about to begin.