Victorian-Inspired Bridesmaids’ Getaway in Niagara

The hours leading up to the wedding ceremony are often frantic and under-utilized by brides. The wedding day so often ends up rushed and messy, with everyone eating from plastic trays and scrambling to get dressed. Here is some inspiration for a more relaxed start to a wedding experience or as an alternative to a large gathering. Complete with an assortment of gourmet treats, the day before the wedding can be spent relaxing, sipping fine wine, reading magazines and gossiping with your besties on a porch swing while basking in the sweet scent of wisteria.

The reason brides have bridesmaids is to celebrate friendship. So often, the minister will describe weddings as a reflection of not just the couple, but of the journey they have shared alongside family and friends. We recommend setting aside a separate day to celebrate a real bond between friends. The photographs preserve the excitement and inherent beauty of friendship and serve as a meaningful token of appreciation for a bride to offer her bridesmaids. It’s a time for everyone to feel pampered and beautiful. This is a milestone for the group and not just her alone.
Our setting was the very private Grand Victorian Estate, which is also a bed and breakfast and small wedding venue located on the banks of the Niagara River in Niagara-on-the-Lake—the perfect location for brides looking to get away from it all. There is even a winery on site, and every step of the wedding day can be enjoyed without leaving these idyllic grounds. 

We selected robes from La Via en Rose because they are lovely and relatively inexpensive. The on-trend lingerie is custom made by a Canadian Etsy designer based in Orillia. The ladies described it as some of the most comfortable and flattering lingerie they have ever worn.

Inspired by the season and the blooming of May flowers, our friends at Beyoutiful Brides effortlessly crafted the most romantic and vintage hair styles and natural makeup looks. We want brides to know that a beautiful afternoon is attainable right here in Niagara and encourage them to plan a glamorous pre-wedding (or alternative) celebration with their closest friends. The session showcases “bridal prep done right”.

Getting married (or simply celebrating best friends) in Niagara allows for a smaller budget, and offers vineyards, river views, and the appeal of the nearby historic Old Town.

Captured on a mix of digital and film, this session was produced with a real bride in collaboration with well-respected industry professionals from the Niagara region. Here is a playful, feminine, vintage spin on the “girls’ weekend” with a real bride and her bridesmaids.

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