E + F | Couple’s Boudoir in the Autumn Forest

There are no straight lines through the forest.

In the woods, you are forced to slow down. Forced to take your time and place every step with intention. The experience of an outdoor boudoir session (especially with someone you are close to) may remind you that the best things in life are best enjoyed slowly. Take time to let the anticipation build. Place each footstep with a care. Look around and acknowledge your presence in nature. Feel a cool breeze. Listen to the rustling leaves. When you connect, a hug will feel that much warmer. Your hands will hold that much tighter. And the long, curving, pathway through the woods will feel that much shorter.

Take advantage of the outdoors for your session for a unique experience and result. This boudoir session shows a perfect blend of feminine sensuality with the natural beauty of outdoors. Photos were captured using a mix of digital and film.

Hair/makeup by Southcoast Beauty Co | Photography by Afterglow Images

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Hair/makeup: Southcoast Beauty Co | Photography: Afterglow Images