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S + J | Summer Evening Engagement Session | Niagara

There is nothing more romantic than a sunset walk on a warm summer evening after a rain. The scent of the rain, mixed with a soft aroma of all the summer wildflowers, casts a spell over your senses and heightens every sensation. His hands feel that much stronger holding yours. Her lips that much softer ... Read more
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S + Z | Summer Engagement Session in Niagara

This engagement session, in Niagara, was one of the most romantic walks through the forest and fields I've had to privilege of photographing. When two people love each other this much, every pose, every hand squeeze, and every little glance at one another is accompanied by a little flutter in the heart. When you look back at your engagement session photos (or the photos from any session, really), I want you to feel those little butterflies again.

M + B | A Garden Romance

Summertime in the garden. A breath of fresh air.