Hello & Goodbye | Nature in Niagara

One of the greatest joys of photographing nature is also one of the greatest sources of frustration. You’re out for a hike, and briefly spot and beautiful view of a bird or animal. Often, as soon as you raise the camera (or even before), the animal leaves or does something different.

But in that brief moment of potential disappointment, there is a silver lining. When the elements align just right, the best moment isn’t even the one you thought you were going to get. This is exactly what happened here. Red-tailed hawks, like this one, are everywhere in the Niagara region. However, once you get close enough for a photo, they fly away. You might be tempted to throw your arms in the air and give up, but keep shooting. Something good may yet happen.

Growing up in the Niagara Region has allowed me to find all the little hiding spots where many of these little gems spend their time. As it turns out, this region is actually home to many rare and unique species. I hope to share more of my finds as I continue to explore the Niagara region.

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