Fundamentals of Afterglow

Our Philosophy

Our hope is that when you look at your images, you will be reminded of everything you felt that day and during that time in your lives. The process starts far sooner than the moment the shutter is opened.

Yesterday is but today’s memory; there is no better time to be optimistic and hopeful about the future because these moments you’re living right now are some of the sweetest memories you will make in your lifetime.

Your investment in Afterglow is an investment of trust. It reflects a willingness to share who you are when you are alone together – what characterizes your love. Every couple has their own secret, unspoken, language. Communicate it openly and lose yourself in each other. These are the truest expressions and my aim is to faithfully capture that. 

Photography is about creating art more than about simply documenting a person or thing on a particular day. Good photographs represent the essence of who you are and can elicit the emotions captured therein. You are never the same person twice. The cells in your body die. New cells develop. It is said that every seven years, you are composed of a completely different set of cells.

When “you” look back at yourself (or simply think back and remember), you are remembering a different person. Only through photographs can you ever hope to see that person you once were – the emotions you felt before.

Your images should remind you of why you fell in love…and why you are still in love.

"Just wanted to let you know how AMAZING all of the pictures are! We can't believe all of the candid shots you were able to capture. Your pictures are honestly as good as a video and made us feel like we were there again. All of our friends and family can't get over how beautiful they are. You are amazing!"

Legends Estates winery wedding

Fundamentals of Afterglow

Our Approach

Who are you ? -1- Do you delight in details?
How did you two meet?

Are you a coordinated pair?
Can you hold each others’ gaze?

Do you shy away from PDA?
Do puns make you smile?

Would you describe yourself as organized?
Or does the wind guide your step?

I get to know you
so we will not be strangers
on your wedding day
How Will I ? -2- There is a lens to match every mood.

When you’re lost in each other,
I will leave you alone.
I’ll direct you when you need it
And stay silent when you don’t.

I’ll rescue you from the adoring crowds.
Or fan the flames of debauchery.

Either way

I’ll be honest with you. And real.

Each moment happens once. And only once.
I’ll be there.

Should you kiss again,
I’ll be ready.
Reflection -3- Hand-editing means I remember:

The way the light catches your eyes
The way your lips touch (or don’t).

Colours of the sky, trees, your cheeks.
Crumpled leaves; heels on stone.

Airy and light?
Or dark and intimate?

Did the scent of wildflowers dance
in the air?
Were you dazzled by the city lights?

Did you run away
into the night together?
Or were you the life of the party?

These are my thoughts
as I adorn and embellish each piece of your story.

Beautiful images are made

Hiring a photographer who can capture your special day in just the right way can be one of the most important decisions you will make throughout the entire planning process. We encourage open discussion about our artistic style and your personal vision to ensure that we are a good match. Throughout your consultation, we aim to strike a balance between image goals and priorities, budgetary concerns, and creating a schedule that will allow us to meet our goals.

We say images are “made” because photographing couples is an intricate and collaborative process. My expertise is in handling the light and the equipment, but you are my inspiration. The composition is largely a product of your expressions, openness, and enthusiasm.

As much as I enjoy creative freedom, I am merely an instrument to help you express yourselves. It requires

that you, the subjects, showcase your best self. This may mean that a flower crown is in order, or that a specific location is used, or that meaningful props and items are included.

Most sessions, including the wedding day, are all about you. It is important that private time be set aside for just the two of you on the day. This time will be spent in a private location so that you can express your love for each other free from distraction and observation. Feedback from our clients reveals that this valuable time alone is often the most genuine and memorable part of their day. You deserve time to savour each other on a day that is meant to celebrate you.

Legends Estates winery wedding

"I wanted to say again that we really really really love the photos. We can't thank you enough and feel so blessed by the whole experience, from being photographed by you to seeing the results to knowing that we'll have these photos to cherish forever. You really are SO good at what you do!"

forget not that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play
with your hair