Lifestyle Boudoir Photography in Niagara

June 8, 2019

Wake up late

Drink a coffee

Go back to bed

Be beautiful


A lifestyle boudoir session is about connecting with who you are and preserving a glimpse of your natural beauty either for yourself or for that special someone who rarely gets to see you “from a distance” .

Sessions can be about feeling great and showing off what makes you beautiful, but it can also be a deeply personal experience where we can explore what it means to be you. That willingness to be honest requires trust on both sides of the camera: trust that we are both in a space where you can be yourself without judgment and a willingness to forget about the photos. Previous clients report that their lifestyle boudoir session was a one of the most positive experiences they’ve had and leave feel refreshed and confident.

Lifestyle boudoir sessions typically take place in your own home or apartment but can be at a B & B, hotel, or even outdoors. The location should ideally be a reflection of your own personality–a place where you can be the most honest version of you.

Whether the images will be a gift to yourself (perhaps to celebrate one of life’s milestones) or a gift for that special someone, you will always look back at them fondly and perhaps view them of a reminder of who you really are.

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