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Lauryn & Pat | Track and Field

And they set out along the blacktop in the soft light…each the other’s world entire.

Detail photo of the brideA set of gift bags for her bridesmaids and all the bridesmaids dresses hanging up in the window.Lauryn reads a loving card. Detail shot of the card.Wide angle view down the halway at Lauryn getting ready.IA perspective view in the mirror.The bride and her mother share a smile while getting ready.A the pretty pink dresses. One of the bridesmaids spins.A soft black and white image of the bride as her girls tie her dress up.A wide view of all the girls helping her get into the dress. A stunning portrait of the bride by a window.A detail image of the back of her white dress.All the pretty pink dresses. They bridesmaids open their gifts from the bride.Lauryn is all smiles as she gets ready to leave. A detail photo of her wedding shoes.The brideAll the girls ready to head to the church. They wait outside for their limo.Lauryn shelters in the shade on her porch. Soft shadowy light outlines her body.A set of three portraits of the bride.A closeup macro image of the rings on a red background.Pat waits with his groomsmen outside the church.The groom adjusting his tie before heading in for the ceremony.A view along the interior wall of the Welland church.The groom and his parents await the moment to get to the altar. A saint asks god, A photograph of many saints.the bride steps out of the limousine and onto a red carpet.Last final touches before walking down the aisle.She walks down the aisle with her parents as eager eyes look on.An emotional moment for all.The brideThe catholic wedding ceremony starts in Welland, Ontario.He looks lovingly into her eyes and says, Their first kiss as a married couple!Everyone claps and cheers for the couple.Hugs all around. Congratulations to Lauryn and Pat.The bride and grom sneak in some giggles during the ceremony. The bridesmaids know whatSigning the wedding registry to make it all official.Officially married! The brideA top down view of the bride and groom as they exit the church in Welland, Ontario.A Black and White image of the couple in the back seat of the limousine.Making out in the back seat. Black and white image.They each look out their window.Their old highschool. Notredame in Welland, Ontario.An awesome group photo at Notredome high school in Welland, Ontario.The groomsmen hanging out on the bleachers. Ready for the big race.The bride and her bridesmaids take the marks. Getting ready for the 100m dash!The girls take off down the track. The boys cheer them on!Running down the track in high heels. Every boyThe groomsmen are very excited by the bridesmaid race.The girls after a sprint down the track in their dresses and heels.Side by side image of the wedding party walking down the race track.A group photo of the wedding party in front of the scoreboard.Hand in hand, they journey round the track once more.The image that started it all. Kissing on the racetrack. Strong leading lines and high contrast make this fine art image pop.Two images of the bride and groom on the bleachers. Romantic moment in the impending rain.Fantastic portrait of the bride and groom on the bleachers at their Welland high school.The bride and groom standing together at Lengends on the Niagara Golf Course in Niagara Falls, Ontario.Groom standing in front of bridesmaids (who are blurry behind him).Candid photo of the groomsmen looking out over the golfcourse.Wide angle photography of the wind taking the brideThey walk together to take in the sights all around them.A side by side pair of images showcasing the brideWild Queen AnneHorizonal close up image of a romantic kiss.Out for a walk in the field. Holding hands.A wide view of the wildgrasses in the firld.Two images of the bride and goom kissing and looking at the camera. Fine Art wedding photography by Afterglow.Holding hands and smiling. Wild tall grass behind them.A stunningly romantic black and white photograph of the bride holding her true love. The wind lifts her hair gently.Ominous clouds in the background donThe best time for a kiss is right now.A beautiful formal portrait of the bride and groom on the road. Where does it lead?A cupcake tree at the reception at Legends on the Niagara.A wedding guestbook and pen. A second image of some deliciours Hors DWhite vintage frame/door as part of the welcome table and seating chart.A view of the decor inside Legends on the Niagara.Heart shaped cookies and a birdcage for cards.One more quick kiss on the back balcony at Legends on the Niagara. Wedding photography by Afterglow.

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  • Brooke Alicia - The photos look beautiful!

  • Niki Vermeulen - Stunning!!! True love and beauty captured :).

  • Jenna Gilchrist - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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