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Kirk & Carey | The Ripple Effect

We’ve always love shooting small weddings, but our time with Kirk and Carey was especially cool for two reasons…First of all, this was Kirk’s first time photographing another Kirk! Secondly, the wedding date has become a family tradition for Kirk and Carey–shared by not one, but both sets of parents! They were wed in the same town, on the same day, the same year, without even knowing it. It’s as if two pebbles were dropped into a pond so many years ago and the ripples from each have finally converged.

We enjoyed a quaint walk through Niagara on the Lake’s landmarks, stopping to rest at Trisha Romance’s fairytale-like covered porch.
Newlywed couple standing outside the Shaw Club Hotel in Niagara on the Lake.Two photos of a young couple to be married at in downtown Niagara on the Lake.White picket fence and old forest from the classic town of Niagara on the Lake.And old lantern and a white picket fence. Classic details from a small wedding in Niagara on the Lake.walking hand in hand along the sidewalk.A wide and creative view of the waterfront gazebo in Niagara on the Lake. Right at the beach. Soft glowing light.The small gathering of family and close friends all around the Gazebo in Niagara on the Lake to watch the wedding ceremony.She excitedly smiles as they begin their ceremony at the gazebo. Beautiful summer light all around.He places the ring on her finger.saying the vows to each other. She canThe First Kiss in Niagara on the LakeFriends and family clap and cheer to celebrate the newlyweds!A pair of images of the happy couple. They kiss under the gazebo. Soft film-like look to the images.Looking over the water. A very balanced but dreamy feeling.Soft cool hues of water and sand and some driftwood, too. The filmy look of fine art portraiture.Holding hands and snuggling on some driftwood at the beach in Niagara on the Lake. Wedding photography by Afterglow Images.A romantic embrace and a kiss. The soft and subdued light makes for a very intimate portrait session on their wedding day.Two side by side images. Snuggled up in each otherHe kisses her on the shoulder. A romantic beach wedding moment captured by NiagaraA classic film-inspired photo of the newly married couple. Fine art portraiture available in NIagara, Hamilton, Toronto, and all over Canada.A more formal portrait and a candid portrait side by side.her veil is swept gently by the lakebreeze. A quiet moment.A close up detail image of the wedding rings and engagement rint positioned on a piece of driftwood at the beach. Soft film-like quality.A wide view of the beach in Niagara on the Lake. Fort Niagara in Lewiston is visible in the background. The large piece of driftwood adds a nice element to the scene.Her arms over his shoulders. You can see her beautiful sparkly engagement ring on her finger.Two black and white portraits. She has a beautiful intensity in her eyes.A wide and creative, almost modern, view. Captures the details of the old architecture in town. The beautiful bride is centreally located in the frame.A black and white filmy photo of the bride and groom. She stares deeply and lovingly into his eyes.Nestled between the foliage on their walk through downtown Niagara on the Lake.Portraits at Trisha RomanceCarey is way more beautiful than a flower.Such a stuning bride. Her feminin form captured in a film-like way.That perfect look. Her eyes, her body language, and the filmy photography style.A tall image of the bride and groom sitting on the porch at Trisha RomanceSnuggled up on the large wrap-around porch Soft green ferns frame the couple. His arms are all around her.A beautiful candid moment. Pinks and greens.The famous clock tower in downtown Niagara on the Lake.The beautiful coupel framed in the vines. Wedding photography candid moments.The groom engages the camera in this view.Photos on the steps of the courthouse on QueenAn epic wide view of the courthouse on main street Niagara on the Lake. A great place for some wedding photos!

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