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Deb & Lydia | Married at Rockway Vineyards!

Wedding Venue: Rockway Vineyards
Hair & Makeup: Glam Gorgeous
Flowers: Marsha’s Florals
Wine: Henry of Pelham

Two corks and wedding rings close up. Same sex lesbian wedding in Niagara.Bridesmaids opens a bottle of Henry of PelhamTwo bridesClose up detail of the matching bridesMakeup by Glam Gorgeous Salon. On-site hair and makeup.A bridesmaid pins on a boutonniere done by MarshaFamily looks on as this bride gets her hair and makeup done by Glam Gorgeous Salon.Mother puts on the brideBride gives her mother a hug at the preparation. Soft warm light pours in from the window.Rolling the dice. Two girls play monopoly on a bed during the preparation.The girls play a quick game of Smith-opology...the monopoly game for students of Smith College.Jamie does the hair and makeup for this lesbian wedding in Niagara.Final hair spray to keep it all in place. Same sex wedding photography.Mother of the bride helps put on her necklace.An approving smile from a close friend and bridesmaid.A set of three images showing off the dress and the flowers by MarshaAn epic soft black and white image of one of the brides as she waits for her bride.Just moments before these two brides see each other for the first time.First look. Soft green grass and a tuscan wall. Same sex wedding photography.A beautiful moment this first look. Two girls, one love.The two brides pose together during their first look at Rockway Vineyards in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.The sign out front of Rockway Vineyards. The wedding party group walks towards the ceremony location.A group photo of the wedding party. Has a tuscan look to it. Warm sunlight pours in from behind.Hanging out with friends and bridesmaids before the ceremony at NiagaraLooking out over the panoramic view of the golf course at Rockway Vineyards in Niagara.Another group shot of Deb with her girls.An adorable young red-haired boy dressed up for the wedding. Closeup detail shot of the yellow flowers by Marsha.The Smith College crew.Details of the wedding reception. the Card box and the invitations. Blues and Yellows were the theme for this same sex weddign in Niagara.walking to the ceremony location at Rockway Vineyards in St. Catharines.A romantic kiss in the sunlight in front of the tuscan building. Same sex wedding photography by Afterglow.Waiting for the brides. A detail shot of the program.Young flower girl watches the bridesmaids walk down the aisle.Bride walks arm-in-arm with her parents during the outdoor ceremony at Rockway Vineyards.Black and white photo of the other bride walking in with her parents for the outdoor ceremony.The two brides walk down the aisle together to start their outdoor wedding ceremony at Rockway Vineyards in Niagara.A wide shot of the outdoor ceremony location. Soft clouds in the background overhead.Holding hands, the two brides look into each othersHolding hands during the late summer ceremony.Two images side-by-side of the same sex wedding ceremony.Holding hands, getting ready to say their vows.Deb looks into LydiaThe the bridesmaids in navy dresses with yellow flowers look on. One of them wipes a tear of happiness.A wide shot showing the group outside for the ceremony.A beautiful first kiss at the ceremony. A view through the leaves.A small flock of Starlings takes flight at the moment of the first kiss. Captured by Afterglow in Niagara.Signing the registry.One of the brideA wide shot of the two brides about the leave the ceremony together. Married once and for all.They hop onto a golf cart to explore the grounds at Rockway Vineyards. The late summer sun warms them.Two brides hug each other in the vineyard. Soft warm light sweeps across the frame. The grape vines are visible in the background.Hand in hand the two brides walk through the vineyard in NiagaraA private moment in the vineyard. Captured by NiagaraThe brides are soft in the background.An intimate moment between two brides. Romantic imagery right here in Niagara.Look at this epic scene. Fluffy pink clouds float by in the background. Fine art wedding photography by Afterglow in Niagara and Hamilton, Ontario.This is a fine art moment. They hug while pink-toned sunlight wraps around them like a warm hug.Same sex couple together on their wedding day. A field of wild grasses and colour-changing leaves.Two images of the brides. Both looking at the camera and one looking out in to the field. Soft film-like hues.Two images. One of the brides and one of the surrounding field at Rockway Vineyards.A wide angle horizontal image of the brides nestled between trees. Looks like it was captured on filmA detail of the yellow bouquet and the two girls under a tree.Posing in front of the water feature at Rockway Vineyards.Soft warm light bounces off the water behind the two brides. A romantic moment brought to you by NiagaraHand in hand, they smile like they just got married.Gazing lovingly into each otherSome of the wheat grasses near the small lake at Rockway Vineyards in Niagara.A romantic fine art moment captured by Afterglow at Rockway Vineyards. Beautiful same sex wedding.In the golf cart, they head out to the next spot.A symmetrical photograph of the brides kissing on a small bridge over a stream. Their reflection is visible in the water.Showing off those navy blue wedding shoes.Kissing under a tree.Kissing in the golf cart.Thank you from Deb and Lydia.

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