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Catherine & Rudy | Art Deco DIY Wedding by the Pond

When Catherine first told us about her vision for an art deco style wedding at her friend’s cottage estate, we were naturally very excited! In an incredible feat of ultimate DIY, she designed and crafted the invitations, gold accents, and pretty signs on her own, while her sister created her dress along with the incredible bespoke bridesmaid dresses. Family came together to hand pick wildflowers for the gold-dipped vases, and the team from Chef Rudy’s Toronto-based restaurant, Lamesa, catered with colourful Filipino cuisine.

What set this apart from most other weddings were the details we hadn’t anticipated–like the emerald water, the haunting Gamelan tune performed by Rudy’s bandmates that ushered Catherine to the beach, and the assortment of beautifully dressed guests that seemed to blend perfectly with the scene. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Though we were quite possibly the only non-Filipino guests at the party, our immersion in this energy and culture of fun and togetherness was almost vacation-like.


Pretty gold and white art deco wedding invitationsBeautiful white fluffy cumulonimbus clouds through the tall pines in Nobleton, ON. Perfect for a summer wedding day.Beautiful champage coloured wedding shoes and a closeup of the flower on the brideLexi, the cute little dog, holds onto the rings.A collage of images of the bride getting ready at this cottage-eque location near Toronto, Ontario.Art deco vase and purse/clutch. Fine art wedding photography by Afterglow Images in Niagara.All the setting up. Little boy very excited, final touches of makeup and a final arrangement of the food table at this outdoor wedding near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The La Mesa kitchen crew hard at work getting ready to cater this wedding reception.Singing Cher songs into the fan, and finishing a few last minute details for the wedding starts.A little pre-ceremony toast.The flower girl is getting her hair done.The groom is giddy with excitement before the ceremony starts.Gorgeous hair piece for this flower girl. The details on the flower basket are perfect for this summer outdoor wedding in Ontario.Such beautiful and intricate details in this traditional Filipino dress. Also a closeup of an art deco fan.Details of the art deco wedding in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada. Captured by one of CanadaThe lays out the flower petals perfectly. Hand made dresses and haunting Javanese music make this a memorable moment.The adorable little flower girl is the first on the dock.The bride enters the ceremony as the groomEntering the ceremony. Rudy, the groom, looks on with excitement when he sees Catherine (his bride) for the first time. The guests on the beach are excited.A wide view of the outdoor ceremony over the water. Wedding photography near Toronto, Ontario.The guests look on with excitement as they exchange their vows.Close up fo the art deco details (pennant) and the bride and groom holding hands during their outdoor summer wedding ceremony in Nobleton, Ontario.On the dock, a little white frog. A rare species to be sure. The white coloured frog is a perfect match for an art deco wedding in Ontario, Canada.A wide angle view. A touching and epic first kiss on the dock. The emerald green lake seems to glow behind them and the fluffy clouds dance across the sky.An epic first kiss on the floating dock in this emerald green lake in Ontario.Just leaving the ceremony. All the guests toss rice into the air. Congratulations!A romantic moment by the Coldcreek pond. An icey blue-green colour in the lake is the perfect backdrop for this art deco inspired filipino wedding near Toronto, Ontario.A wide landscape view of the fluffy white clouds and beautiful pine trees in this Ontario wedding. The bride and groom.A stunning portrait showing off the brideHe has an intensity in his eyes. Is it love? Definitely. The warm sun peeks through the treetops at this outdoor Summer wedding near Toronto, ON, Canada.A kiss in the evergreen pines. Beautiful vintage toning make this fine art photography a stunning portrait of the bride and groom.A black and white landscape photograph of the bride and groom returning to the outdoor reception. Lovely pine trees in the back ground and the coldcreek pond just visible. Wedding photography by Afterglow.A panoramic view of the outdoor wedding reception in Toronto, Ontario.Link arms for an oyster on the half-shell. Hand-prepared by the talented staff of La Mesa restaurant who catered this wedding.The wish tree. Fine art wedding photography in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Simply the best.Mom handing a special well-wishing note on the wish tree. A beautiful touch to this outdoor summer Filipino wedding in Nobleton, Ontario.A close up detail of the wish tree. Guests can leave special handwritten notes for the bride and groom and hang them on a tree.The La Mesa team. The head chef (Rudy) and his unstoppable team.Art deco style food menu and a view of all the delicious food prepared by La Mesa.Such colour and delicious cuisine from La Mesa who catered the event.the guests looking on during one of the touching wedding reception speeches.A closeup of one of the Javanese instruments of the Gamelan style of music. Not sure if it is tuned to the Pelog scale or the Slendro scale.Even the kids enjoy playing on the Gamelan instruments.So many beautiful DIY elements to this art deco inspired summer wedding.One of the delicious options made onsite by La Mesa.A close up of an art deco inspired box and some girls dancing to the music at this outdoor summer wedding in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada. Some of the best moments.A young lad relaxing in the shade. Cool sunglasses and picnic blanket.A touch of lipstick to keep fresh. A stunning portrait of the sisters at Vinta in Toronto, OntarioHandmade dresses and hand fans. These girls are too hot for summer!Some of the Filipino cuisine offered by the in-house chef from La Mesa in Toronto.Colourful Filipino cuisine. Declicious and home made!Dancing and playing in the photobooth. The golden colours make this DIY wedding so perfect.Laughing, giggling, and tickling. Like a summer picnic.Say cheese! The DIY photobooth was a hit at this Filipino wedding.Like looking back in time, this photograph reminds us of the 50s. She is blowing bubbles with a young one. Bright colours and retro sunglasses.Impromptu photobooth moment! Smile!A gorgeous wedding guests with a colourful dress and intricate headdress. Beautiful long hair giver her an amost hippie-like appearance. Perfectly situated in the pine trees. Maybe sheSome samples of the delicious smores-inspired dessert.The Master of Ceremonies is really great at buildign excitement in the guests.itThe parents are all smiles.The groom trying to look tough with a cigar at his wedding.Clap along if you feel like dancing. PharrelThe groom canSoft white flags overhead the dining tables at this DIY wedding in York/Toronto ontario.Laughing and cuddling through their first dance as guests look on.A collage of black and white images of the bride and groomDoing the parent dances at the same time is a great way to have fun and keep the wedding reception spontaneous.The bride and groom listen to the parentsraise every glass.Cheers to the bride and groom in this set of three photos from a Filipino DIY wedding in Toronto.A wide angle view of the entire reception/wedding scene. All the guests raise a glass to toast the bride and groom at the top of a hill near a lake in York, Ontario.An adorable little boy hugging onto a shoulder looks into the camera. Filipino wedding in Toronto.The groom with his sister and a larger group photo with close friends and family at this Filipino wedding in York, Ontario, Canada.Lexi the dog and a group formal of some pretty wedding guests.Homemade DIY bugspray. When itHomemade bugspray is best applied liberally.Such a fun way to apply homemade DIY bugspray.Adorable formal photograph at a Toronto Wedding amongst the pines.Nothing makes her giggle like jumping on a trampoline.A soft pink-hued black and white image of the bride with her puppy.A little dragonly made an appearance at this Toronto/York area wedding. An epic formal photograph of the bride and groom.A quite moment between the bride and groom. Also, Lexi, the adorable puppy dog.They cut into their wedding cake to share with everyone.What a delicious looking cake, made by the brideCatherine and Rudy hold each other in the sunlight.Home made Calamansi and Strawberry jam. Delicious Filipino cuisine.Two photos of the wedding party. The girlsCute shoes and an art deco banner on the dock!A romantic kiss on a floating dock. The perfect location for an outdoor summery wedding in Nobleton, ON.A romantic moment between the bride and groom. The trees and the sunset reflect in the lake behind them.The winding road disappears into the horizon as cool evening hues wash over the landscape.

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