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Cassandre & Josh | Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things. But just look at what they can do when they stick together!

Venue: Ball’s Falls
Preparation Cottage: Inn on the Twenty
Flowers: Bloom & Company

Sparkly white wedding shoes on a floral pattern.Black and white photo of mother helping bride with dress. Closeup of groom

Bride and groom getting ready at Inn on the Twenty Cottage.Stunning bouquet by Bloom & Company.Getting ready at the Inn on the Twenty.Gorgeous winter wedding gown. Bride looks past her shoulder at the camera.The beautiful images of the bride.Close up of the wedding rings on some winter berries.Josh thinking about his true love. Heart written on the bricks with chalk.All the lacey details of the wedding dress.The white chapel at BallBrideHe sees his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle at BallsHolding hands during the church ceremony at BallFamily looks on with a joyful tear as they say their vows.He places a ring on her finger. She likes it.Their first kiss as newlweds!A beautiful exit shot at the church at BallThe couple is framed by the church doorway.Tall pines and a log cabin in the background of this winter wedding portrait.A romantic hug and a kiss in the outdoor wedding location at BallBloom and Company made an amazing wedding bouquet.Outside the white church at BallBeautiful romantic photos of the couple. Stunning dress details.Bringing a blanket in case they get cold.Snuggled up under a blue blanket as the snow falls all around them.He is so happy that he married her. Gorgeous photo with the old barn and snowflakes all around them.Josh looking into the camera with his baby blue eyes.A little kiss on the shoulder makes her giggle.Wide angle photo in front of the barn with the snow falling.Two photos of the couple.Back inside the church where it is warm. Sunligh pokes through the window.Snuggled in the pews.She loves him so much.

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