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Serena & Evan | A Farewell tOast to Summer in Niagara on the Lake

Summer’s end is bittersweet. It is an opportunity to reflect on the best parts of summer and is also a reminder that cooler nights are here to stay. Serena and Evan are big fans of Niagara’s craft beers, so we enjoyed an evening with them at Oast House, sampling some delicious brews and reminiscing, before leaving Niagara-on-the-Lake’s beaten path on two wheels…


Two photos of Oast House microbrewery in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Stunning red barn-style wall. Serena and Evan snuggle up on the bench outside.Holding hands at the railing at Oast Brewery in Niagara on the Lake. An excellent wedding venue, but also really great for an engagement session.Inside the Oast Brewery. This cute couple sneaks in a kiss behind the half-wall.Such a beautiful couple nestled in a detail-filled interior at Oast Brewery in NIagara on the Lake, Ontario.Serena and Evan enjoy a couple glasses of beer at the tasting bar in Oast Brewery. Not sure what particular brew this is, but the Barn-raiser is an excellent choice!Holding hands. And a little flower bouquet with a tag that reads: beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. Clever.Some of the bottled beers on a rack available for purchase. The cute couple clinks glasses together.Serena and Evan at the bar t-oasting to eachother.A view of their sample beers between the couple. Blues and beiges make this scene perfect at Oast brewery in Niagara on the Lake.Arms wrapped around each other in front of a shelf filled with loads of red and white details at Oast brewery. A great moment in engagement photography.A wide horizontal image of the cute couple under the marquee arrow inside Oast Brewery. Just one moment before they kiss.Two individual black and white portraits of the happy couple. They look like models, but theyA romantic kiss in black and white.A closeup photo of her gorgeous engagement ring resting on top of an Oast brewery bottle.Old red and white truck gates in the background on this photo. Arms around eachother, they enjoy a quiet moment in a remote corner of the Oast Brewery.Look at those awesome yellow shoes! These two photographers thought of every little detail.A close up of the cute couple Serena and Evan of Young Glass photography.HereThat red barn is the perfect complement to their navy blue outfits.Serena and Evan are such a cute couple. Engaged, to be sure.Two photos side by side. Arms wrapped around eachother. Niagara engagement photography at its best!Now this is a romantic kiss. She pulls him towards her.A close up of his initialled belt. Very cool.A formal photograph of Serena and Even. So cute!

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