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Sally & David | Be With Me

Some research quickly revealed that Australians aren’t exactly famous for their poetry or musings on love. But, since they are over 14000 km from home, we searched a little harder and found some lovely phrases from R. Crawford that are reminiscent of Sally and David’s beautiful Fall session in one of the favourite places in Canada, Niagara-on-the-Lake:

Be with me ever and only,
No other in thought with you;
Only without me lonely,
Ever in this way true.
So will I be yours only,
Whatever I dream or do,
Only without you lonely,
Ever in this way true.

Two photos of an inter-racial couple on a stone wall by and old tree in Niagara on the Lake. Soft warm light pours in.Cute couple stands by an historic building in Niagara on the Lake.Niagara engagement photography. Cute little bride-to-be.Two photos. A romantic pose between a couple in love.A little kiss on the nose goes a long way. Niagara on the lake engagement session.Two of the best engagement photos. walkign a long a stone pathway ending with a hug and a kiss.NiagaraAutumn foliage and romantic kisses. Niagara on the lake engagement photography.Snuggled up in the wilderness. Outdoor engagement/spark session.Two photos, playing in the weeds, this couple kisses and nuzzles.A beautiful bride to be in a field. A close up of her green earring and blue sweater.Beautiful fall colours surround this Niagara on the Lake couple.Three playful poses from this vineyard bride-to-be.Two individual portraits of the couple. Red foliage and soft brown weeds.Niagara engagement photography. Outdoors, natural light, fall foliage.A bright pink autumn jacket. Very colourful engagement photograph.This Niagara on the Lake location looks like something from the old books from the 19th century.Old branches and fall colours. Beautiful engagement photographs.The best engagement ring photo. So sparkly and bright. Positioned atop an old oak leaf.This is why she wants to be a vineyard bride.Dancing in the vineyard. This cute couple, dressed in white, dances in the sunset amongst the vines.Dancing in the vineyard. Niagara on the lakeRomantic vineyard photos. Dressed in white. In Niagara on the lake. Photos by Afterglow Images.Beautifully framed engagement photo. Shot through the vines at a local vineyard.The sun peeks out from behind the vineyard.Kissing in the vineyard, this bride-to-be falls for her man all over again.One last photograph in the vineyard, the photographer produces a soft background of grape leaves.Walking along the pathway in old town Niagara on the lake. The last few leaves of fall still hang on desparately to the tree branches.A photojournalistic moment. Niagara on the lake engagement session.An epic photograph. The best engagement photo of 2014

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