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Julia & Rick | Follow Me

Come follow me
into the trees;
and there you’ll find,
between the limbs,
where the sweetness hides.


Wide angle view of the cherry orchard with blue sky (including cirrus clouds) and a red barnA sign for cherries, and Julia & Rick picking some cherries togetherClose up of the couple selecting the best cherriesFilling the basket with cherries; tall vertical shot of Julia holding the basket of cherriesRick picking cherries like a championThe engagement ring positioned on top of a basket of cherriesA view through the leaves of the cherry treeA closeup of a cherry with the ring on it.She gives him a big hugEnjoying a quiet moment together under the treeA model-like photo of Julia in the cherry trees.A pretty girl in a red dress in the cherry orchard.A gorgeous wide shot of the couple kissing with the sunlight pouring inThe engaged couple with their haul.Holding handsA playful spinning in the cherry orchardSunset light pours across the trees for this romantic momentBlue wooden pallets and a beautiful sunset image.The sun peaks out from behind the red barnPlaying in the orchard. Engagement photography by AfterglowShe gives him a hug and it makes him smile.The boy.Julia is like a model in front of this red barnJulia in a red dress and a succulent red cherry.Rick really wanted to ride the red tractor through the field.A kiss backlit by the sun

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