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Amanda & Jen | From a Friend

Her lips like auburn
leaves you
breathless in the cool wind
whispering her name
and rustling through the thistles
gently –
summoning Fall


An intimate image of an adorable same sex couple. Two beautiful girls.A cool Fall day with Amanda and Jen. The warm autumn pallette is the perfect backdrop for this same sex engagement session.She kisses her deeply and romantically. Soft warm hues of autumn.She pushes her hair to the side; and they sit together in the autumn brush.Even on a cold day, itTwo individual portraits of Amanda and Jen. Autumn is the best time for an engagement session.A playful image of a cute lesbian couple. She jumps on her back and kisses her cheek.Two images of a piggyback ride.Amanda tries to piggyback Jen. Not sure how well this worked! :)Arms around each other, a kiss on the lips.A cute smile on Amanda. Her arms around Jen.Adorable lesbian couple in the field.Two images side by side. An intimate photo of their love.Two photos of a cute lesbian couple for their autumn engagement session.The perfect fine art image of lesbian engagement session.They walk together, hand in hand.

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