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Allison & Greg | Never Lovelier

Tell me that it’s true
Tell me you agree,
I was meant for you,
You were meant for me.

Early morning mist in the deep south.I see you!The sunrise over the treetops.Beautiful sunrise light.balloons and kisses. CanHolding hands in the soft morning light.She cuddles up in his arms.Kissing under a birch tree with soft light peeking through the leaves.Set of three photos. She is like a beautiful model.Kissing under the falling blossom petals.Warm light wraps around them in this Niagara engagement scene.Storybook romance right here in Niagara.Gorgeous shot of the engagement ring.Foreground interest and background love.She snuggles him.See a dandelion make a wish!Holding hands under a blooming tree. Pinks.Holding hands and looking at the camera. Beautiful couple.Romantic moment under a smokey red tree.Niagara engagement photography.NiagaraWalking through the scenery.CanShe hugs her fiance.Epic scenery in Niagara. Wedding photographer Afterglow to the rescue.Cute red shoes on a birch stump.Romantic embrace. How to do engagement photos.He sneaks a peek at his beautiful bride-to-be.Playful engagement session.They make each other smile.Making silly faces.She pulls him towards her.Playing.A view from between the colourful balloons.Sometimes life is serious.That low warm sunlight makes these photographs feel so romantic.She smiles when he hugs her.Niagara engagement photography with balloons.

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