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A & H | Niagara’s Wayside Chapel

One of Niagara’s cutest treasures is the Wayside Chapel; the littlest chapel in the world according to Guinness Records! In preparation for their big day in Bali later this year, this couple decided to sample the simple life in their favourite tiny town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Romantic photo with sunset in front of the Niagara Wayside ChapelSitting on the steps of the chapel.The steeple and a giggly couple.Cute shoes on the front step of the chapel.Inside the miniature church.Snuggles and an almost kiss on the pew.He kisses her on the cheek and she likes it.Blue button-down shirt and green floral dress.Cute girl beside the mini church in Niagara on the lake.Long flowing dress, she leans against the small church.She gives him a kiss and he smiles.She stands beautifully in the doorway of the church. He wears a dandelion.He takes her hand an leads her through the blossoming orchard.Closeup photo of the ring on a blossom.Pink blossoms all around this couple in the Niagara orchard.She is like a model with her puffy pink dress in the orchard.Kissing in the orchard.Niagara wedding photographer.A big hug and pink blossoms.Beautiful sereies of photos for this spring engagement session.Cute pose for this engaged couple.Set of three images showcasing their love.Sitting on the ground in this pink blossom-filled orchard.Niagara on the lake photography.Wedding photographer.Laughing and playing in the orchard.A more formal portrait from this engagement session.Beautiful colour in these trees.A romantic closing image from their session with Afterglow.

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